Auckland 2
This is the second page of stories of ghosts in the Auckland area, on the North Island of New Zealand.

Carlile House
This is one of those stories that just keeps on going. I have been following stories of hauntings at Carlile for many years now.
So far I have been unable to find out anything definitive. I cannot confirm any details of a fatal fire at the premises and so
for this reason
I am more inclined to say that Carlile House is a Auckland Urban Legend. 11-12-2011

Hi! I live in Auckland and me and my mates have recently stumbled upon a house in Ponsonby called Carlise House. I think from what other people say it was an orphanage and was involved in a fire. Every one that I have spoken to about the house says that it is haunted. Could you lead me in the right direction to finding information on this house.

About 43 kids died in the fire and is to be believed that a nurse haunts the house.

We went there at night and had a very uneasy feeling about it. there is no way I'm going in there!

-Carlile House II-

I was reading one of the stories on your site 'Carlisle House' which is actually spelt Carlile House. It is on Richmond Rd in Ponsonby in Auckland.

Today I spoke with one of the neighbours to this building and he confirmed that it was haunted as himself and other neighbours in the area often hear children playing and laughing and also a groaning noise. I am yet to confirm if this building was in fact an orphanage and I would be very grateful to look over any information at all that you have on this building. Also if you have any information on any other haunted or suspected to be haunted sites in and around the Auckland area I would love information on those too.

Thank you,

Amanda (email with-held)
There are more stories and photographs of Carlile House on the Forum

Carlile House 1 March 2008
From Batwitch Auckland

I put my camera in my bag on Friday, "just in case", but not really with the intention of going there as I had other errands to run, but as fate would have it, I ended up out the front of Carlile House, to find the front doors open, & a sign advertising art for sale. (come on in!)
I snapped a few pics out front & entered the building, I took a few steps in & immediately felt a heaviness on my chest & became very conscious of breathing, or trying to get breath,( I felt this was more the imprint in the house rather than a ghost host), this feeling stayed with me for the entire time I was there.
I called out once inside, (& had 2 small children with me) so we were not being quiet, but no one answered. I went around to my left & photographed the stairwell
I continued to walk around, & found a room with junk & a long corridor, I was intrigued to go further, but felt disrespectful for doing so, so I turned around, to come back the way I'd come in, I noticed evidence of a more recent fire, to the right just past the doorway, & then I heard ladies voices coming from a craft room.
I told the ladies I was there to look at the craft & my ulterior motive was to look at the beautiful house & could did they know anything more of its history, one lady did.
Prior to the church owning it, the Salvation Army owned it, & prior to that it had indeed been an orphanage for children, I asked her if the buildings out the back were part of the original structure (as it looks different to the front facade, & is very long) she said it is all original 1886, & that it was a school as well as an orphanage.
She told me there was also a fire there in dec of last year, as I asked about the fire damage, & if I could go upstairs to have a look, but they deemed it too unsafe (a word of warning to others investigating)
So, somewhere to start looking is for any original schools in the area, or the Salvation Army, not sure if we would get that kind of info, but I will defiantly see what I can find out.

Well it would seem I cant keep away!!!!
I was driving in the neighbourhood, & thought I would take a look from the other side (dickens st), I noticed wording on the outside of the building, so I pulled into the car park behind the church.
This I think would have actually been the main entrance when there was kids there, but a toilet block has been built in front of it. It is a large pale brick structure, & up on the top storey reads "DEO JUVANTE" which is Latin for "with god's help" & on the lower storey in large letters is "CHILDRENS HOME 1910", so this possibly changes course for us again, perhaps Carlile house was the first buit (as it is very different in appearance from the outside) & this is possibly an add on after.
I have had a quick look on the net to see if I can find any schools/children's homes listed, but the most I have come up with at this stage is back then children's homes were different from orphanages, anything else I have found for that era seems to be pointing to church groups, so it will probably be under that umbrella.
I will keep looking, as now I am growing a slight obsession as it just seems to be getting more interesting & challenging.

Night Duty

Hi Guys,
I live in Auckland, New Zealand. My story begins in the year 1996. At the time I was working as a security officer for a major firm. I was on night duty as the road supervisor….basically I ran everything from the companies operations room.

 Well one night we had an alarm activation for a client. It was the Mt Albert War memorial Returned Services Club. I quickly responded and contacted the mobile patrolman to attend as it was in his area. He came back a short moment later and said he couldn't do it because he was in the middle of a large lockdown. I advised him that we had spare keys and that I would go for him. I had never been to this place before and new I had to get there in fear that someone was breaking in. When I arrived it was about 2am in the morning there was no-one around and the place looked secure. I grabbed the keys and went in. After un-setting the alarms I had a look around. I had forgotten to bring a torch but continued anyway. The area had lighting from the bar security lights so I was fine. I walked around the room and checked every door. I came to a stairwell and looked up, it was quite dark and it was the only place I hadn't checked. I slowly walked up the stairs and came to a door. I fumbled for a split second trying to find the door knob, I opened the door but couldn't see anything I felt around for a light switch but couldn't find one. The first thing I noticed was how cold this room was. I thought…"This must be the kitchen and it's cold because of the freezers". I closed that door and went back to the reception area. A few moments later the owner of the business arrived saying he got a call from the monitoring company and decided to come down and check. The owner turned to me and said why didn't you turn on the lights?. I replied by saying that it was my first time there and I didn't know where they were. The Owner showed me the light switches which were behind some curtains. I wouldn't have found them anyway. We decided to go for another look around with the lights on. We came to the stairwell and I asked the owner if that was the kitchen and to my surprise the owner replied "no, that's the library". We walked upstairs and opened the door. The room wasn't cold anymore but warm. He turned on the lights which were in the middle of the room. Looking around the room there were many old books and war memorabilia, photos of past soldiers and their medals on display. I picked out a book off the shelf and began thumbing through it. The owner said he would be in his office and then left. After a couple of minuets I put the book back and reached for the light switch. When I switched the light off I felt this cold hand grab my hand, like someone was squeezing my hand. I quickly shrugged the grip and switch the light on. There was no one there. The room started to get cold. I left as fast as I could and made my way back to the reception area. The owner looked at me and smiled and said "are you ok" shakily I said "yes". I looked at the owner and said "Is there something in that room" he replied " Oh you must have met George" I said "Who the hell is George", "He's our friendly Ghost", I then replied " Aw Hell No" and left.

The next night the alarms for the War Memorial went off again. This time I insisted the patrol man attend "NO EXCUSES" Tai Auckland New Zealand


Hey,my name is Ronan. Im from Dublin, Ireland.
In 2008 myself and my girlfriend arrived in New Zealand on one year working holiday visa's.
While we were there we rented an apartment in the liver building I think it was called, its just off queen street about 2-4 doors down from a backpackers. Its mainly offices with a few apartments in there, on our floor it was just us living, there was a physiotherapists office beside us, I think it was the 4th floor. anyway after 5pm in the afternoon the building was pretty much deserted.
Anyway look ive never given ghost stories much interest before living here, but we lived with the ghost of an old woman who wasn't happy with us being there for the few months we stayed, it all started off pretty harmless, we had a bedroom, a diningroom-kitchen and a bathroom and a little study that we never really used, when I would get up in the morning Id put the cooker on and one of the heating rings to boil eggs or whatever i was cooking, id then go to the bathroom and when id return the cooker would be off, or the ring i left on would be off and another one would be on.. This started happening after the first week or so quite regularly, almost every day. I assumed it was my girlfriend, but didn't pay much attention to it until one day it happened and i asked her. She hadn't left the bedroom..
Another morning I was in the shower and felt as if i was being watched, its funny i could see something or someone in my corner vision and when i lifted my head it was as if whoever was watching me slinked around the corner just out of my sight.. This happened repeatdly and grew more and more intense until i eventually lifted my head and spoke out loud to whoever was watching, asking what they wanted..
There was a lull for a few days of no activity or strange happenings.. what's strange is im getting goose bumps just recalling these events. at the time i was working in the sky city casino as a bartender and used to work the sunrise shift regularly which started at around 4am.
My girlfriend mentioned to me on a few occasions that when i left for work she wasn't alone in the apartment.. I knew exactly what she meant but never asked.
I was well and truly freaked out but still trying to be brave(stupidly, we should have just left) anyway I started becoming cocky with whoever/whatever it was in the apartment and acting as if i wasn't scared in the hopes that it would stop.
One night I left the bedroom to go to the bathroom, when i returned my girlfreind was extremely frightened, someone had whispered in her ear, she could feel the breath of whoever had spoken to her, she thought it was me but when she opened her eyes I wasn't there.
I think it was the same night but i could be mistaken, anyway Karolina was asleep and the bedroom door was open late at night, I found myself looking out the door for some reason as if expecting something, then a figure moved past the open door very slowly and very confidently turned to face me, it was the figure of an old woman and I knew she was there to confront me, she stopped outside and turned slowly, as she turned it was like a thousand voices screaming at me to GET OUT, I couldn't look at her any longer, panicked and put my head under the covers, I also covered my girlfriend and whispered to her what had just happened, I was in a cold sweat and made up my mind to leave straight away.
We didn't stay there much longer, I think maybe a day until we moved in with a friend of mine in kingsland, there is a superintendent who lives on the ground floor, I spoke to him about it and he said he kinda laughed it off  and says he feels as if he's being watched sometimes if he's mopping floors late at night but I got the feeling he knew more than he was prepared to tell us..
After we moved a few weeks later I was walking down queen street and met the super, he just gave me a knowing look and a smile.
Anyway that's my ghost story, the most spooky thing to ever happen to me, Karolina's in work at the moment but she has her own story too about exactly what happened to her, if you want more information, email me back and ill get you her side of the story for you


Auckland Story
My family and i moved to New Zealand about 4/5 years ago. The house we have lived in from the start over here has always made me a little uncomfortable when moving around at night and ive always switched the lights on in front and off behind me, its a small house, everything has been perfect for the last few years and with no disrespect i have never really believed in ghosts or demons etc., but yesterday i got out of the shower and was staring at the mirror when i noticed the tooth paste completely swivel around, im a undergrade student in marine science at auckland uni and  completely believe in science and that was just unexplained, the glass shelf it stands on has a slight slope and this tooth paste is in a deoderant can type container.  but nothing could move it like that, i told my younger brother and my mother, and they seemed to laugh at me, understandably as i am a bit of a clown most of the time. I banged on the wall and the thing didnt move again even when i placed it back into the position it was in, i ended up staring at the thing stupidly and daring it to move(was hoping it wouldnt ofcourse). In the last 2 days ive been checking that same toothpaste to see but it hasnt moved again.  Then yesterday i was a bit worried when everyone went of to bed, as i fell asleep i got this massive wake up shake, and tonight i was up till 2 studying for exams and i didnt even sleep for 10min when my door handle shook, i managed to fall asleep ignoring whats happened to me in the last 2 days and then the same damn thing happened again, another which kept me awake for another hour and a half, i then decided to look up if new zealand had anything about ghosts and came across this site, really didnt think so many people would have stories for this, i read a few before starting the email but nothing seems to be like mine, i would like to make it clear that i have not seen any funny lights, or human shapes and havent felt anything touching me at all. As the last 2 days have past ive tried to come up with excuses for all those little things and even now i find it hard to believe that i actually saw that tootpaste container move, i know im not crazy, i know what i saw. I know that especially today, i have never had so many spinechills in one day, it is not fear of whatever it was, it is simply the fear of not being able to see it, or not being able to rationalise why door handle has shook or the toothpaste container turning, my question is what is next.
Do i wait for the next silly thing to happen which i cant explain.
(Cleansing routine sent, had no further reply.)